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LPGA of Japan Tour: Momo Yoshikawa

Updated: Nov 5, 2022

While the roots of golf can be traced back to Scotland in 1457, the game has spread across the globe. Each tour, club, and player offers a unique style evolving golf attire: from Payne Stewart's plus-fours trousers and flat cap to Ricky Rickie Fowler's neon orange ensemble. As women's golf has taken off worldwide, female players are putting their spin on the traditional uniform.

Playing on the LPGA of Japan Tour, Momo Yoshikawa is a trendsetter in the golf world. Unafraid to play with fun colors and fashion, Yoshikawa constantly has one of the best looks on the JLPGA. Momo is sporting, Japanese band, Munsingwear's eye-catching new summer collection.

I tend to stay away from sports sunglasses when I'm golf, opting for the classic aviators, but these sunglasses have changed the game. These super affordable glasses are super lightweight and are perfect for keeping in your golf bag for sunny days on the course or at the range.

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